The "Befana" is coming to Pera

The "Befana", the good old witch, arrives at the funpark in Pera, bringing sweet gifts for all the children

The "Befana" is a peculiar character in Italy, less known in other countries, that according to the tradition, is a sweet old lady who flies on a threadbare broom to visit children in the night between January 5 and 6 - the so called "Epiphany", twelth night after Christmas - and top fill their stockings, hung by the chimney or beside the window. According to the legend, children who have been good during the year receive delicacies, candies, dried fruit or small toys while those who have been naughty will only find some coal. On January 6 the Befana arrives also in Pera, bringing special presents for all the children at the funpark "Fraine" at 11.00 a.m. and making them extremely happy.

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