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Richard Artschwager

An exhibition dedicated to one of the main representative of minimalism

Mart Museum welcomes the greatest exhibition presented in Europe dedicated to the American artist, painter and sculptor Richard Artschwager (1923-2013), curated by Germano Celant.
Entrusted to curator Germano Celant and produced in collaboration with the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao, the exhibition will be staged first in Italy, then in Spain. Focusing on understanding space, everyday objects and perception, Artschwager’s poetics imposed itself as a unique case in the art of the past century. His works deal with the representation of utilitarian tools reproduced with industrial materials such as Formica, Celotex, acrylic paint and aluminium. Added to these founding aspects is the attention devoted to pure geometric form and painterly illusionism. The result is paintings and sculptures that suspend the categories of the image and objects in a limbo between the space they physically occupy, the utility they reference and the artistic representation.

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