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Puzzone’s Festival in Moena

Moena celebrates the PDO of Puzzone. Taste of Puzzone and degustation of exclusives dishes made with this famous cheese

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The foodiest event in autumn, dedicated to one of the most famous cheeses in the Dolomites, is back: The Puzzone di Moena DPO, the King of the cheeses in Trentino, obtained the DPO acknowledgement from the European Union on 7th November 2013. Three days dedicated to milk processing, peculiar of Moena, the Fairy of the Dolomites, with walks through well-being and good food, tastings, workshops for children, aperitifs and the much awaited "Desmonteada", the return of the cattles from the partures, seasoned with folklore offered by the local associations.


Programme - Friday, September 14:

  • At 9.30 a.m., Loc. Roncac - The taste of Well-being. Stroll in the nature of the dolomitic wood dedicated to well-being and local flavours. Info and reservation: Moena Eventi - Phone +39 0462 565038; 
  • From 5.00 to 8.00 p.m., Piaz de Ramon - Puzzone... a tutta birra! Opening of the "Village of the flavours" with an aperitif in the square, where delicious finger food made with 0Km products will be accompanied by craft beer Bionoc’, all with an intriguing music entertainment;
  • At 5.00 p.m., Piaz de Ramon - Moena in cucina. Show cooking;
  • At 6.30 p.m. - Bike Trial Show with Daniel Degiampietro.

Programme - Saturday, September 15:

  • From 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. - Trekking Gourmet Puzzone Edition. Guided excursion with breakfast in a farmhouse, lunch in the wood and "starred" dessert vith a view. Info and reservation: Moena Eventi - Phone +39 0462 565038;
  • From 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. - Active Trekking Puzzone Edition. Excursion to "Bait di Poc" and descent from Sas da Ciamp. Delicious snack and "starred" dessert along the way. Info and reservation: Moena Eventi - Phone +39 0462 565038;
  • From 5.00 to 8.00 p.m., Piaz de Ramon - Happy Cheese. Gourmet aperitif with Rotari and Mezzacorona wines;
  • At 5.00 p.m., Piaz de Ramon - Pasta Felicetti Show;
  • From 6.30 p.m. - Puzzone Street Food. In the bars of the town centre, a tasty aperitif with Puzzone di Moena accompanied by famous local wines.

Programme - Sunday, September 16:

  • From 9.30 a.m., Piaz de Ramon - Opening of the "Village of the flavours". Puzzone di Moena DPO and 0Km products for your souvenirs;
  • At 10.00 a.m., Piaz de Sotegrava - "The young cheesemaker". Workshop for children to learn how to make the cheese, with the cheesemaker from the cheese factory of Predazzo and Moena. Info and reservation: Moena Eventi, Phone +39 0462 565038; 
  • From 10.30 a.m. - Puzzone Street Food;
  • At 11.30 a.m., in the town centre - "The Desmonteada". Parade of cows and animals descending from the pastures, organized by the farmers of the area and with the participation of the local brass band, folk groups and local associations;
  • From 12.00 p.m. - Opening of the "Squares of the Taste". Taste Puzzone di Moena surrounded by music and folklore, organized by Associazione Albergatori di Moena and the farmhouse El Mas; 
  • From 2.30 p.m., Piaz de Ramon - Tasting game, find the difference; "Jeghes da zacan", ancient giant games for the amusement of adults and children; Draw with Fabio Vettori, workshop with the artist inventor of the famous "ants".

The programme may be subject to variations.