Pian di stelle

Soirée dedicated to Art and Music in the marvellous suburb of Pian

An absolute news in the summer events calendar of Campitello. On Monday, July 29th, a "Long Night" will be dedicated to Art and Music in the beautiful neighbourhood of "Pian". The tiny hamplet can be reached on foot from the village along the road Strèda de Pian, from the parish church of Saints Filippo and Giacomo. In the moonlight, the path will be enlivened by some storytellers and by the sound of the hurdy-gurdy. On this occasion, "Pian" will be enlivened in its haylofts, gardens, narrow roads by artists and musiciand that will make the atmosphere of the night even more magic. From 7.30 p.m. In case of bad weather, the event will take place on Tuesday, July 30th.  

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