New Year's eve Torchlight Ski Processions

Could you imagine more than 150 ski instructors with their blue uniforms coming down the slopes with bright torchlights?

A spectacular sea of lights will illuminate your winter nights on the Alpe Cimbra.

Snow cats, whit their majesty and power, will dance on the snow creating magic choreographies together with the ski instructors.

Snow and fire are the two characterizing elements of these special nights.


On January 5 will take place the historic torchlight ski procession: protagonists are old clothes such as woolen garments, wooden skis and knickerbockers.

Thanks to their passion and their ability, the ski instructors will descend the ski trail in a beautiful torchlight glow wearing old and traditional clothes. At the end of the torchlight procession, all the guests can taste some delicious mulled wine and for children, there will be the magical Bertold’s potion.

Moreover, the little witch Perti and the elf Fliflick will play with our young guests.




December 30 - 06.30 pm - Fondo Piccolo (Folgaria)
Torchlight ski procession with the Ski School Alpe Cimbra

December 31 - 05.30 pm

New year’s eve torchlight ski processions will take place in Fondo Grande (Folgaria), in Lavarone and in Serrada (Folgaria).


January 1 - 06.00 pm – Costa (Folgaria)

Torchlight ski procession with the Ski School Folgaria


January 4 -  05.30 pm – Bertoldi (Lavarone)

Torchlight ski procession with the Ski School Lavarone


January 5- 06.00 pm - Costa (Folgaria)

Historic torchlight ski procession

January 5 - 06.30 pm - Fondo Piccolo (Folgaria)
Torchlight ski procession with the Ski School Alpe Cimbra




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