Knödelfest 2020

Enjoy two days of gastronomic feast!

Two days to taste canderli (a kind of bread dumplings made with speck, spinach or cheese and served with broth, butter, cheese or stew).

During the feast you can  also to learn how to prepare and cook the typical Canederli. There will be entertainment for adults and children, such as the animal farm, horse-drawn carriages, cheerful Tyrolese music and a lot of fun!

More than 20 varieties of Canederli, sweet or salty, served with broth or as a side dish and prepared with speck, cheese or vegetables, vegan or gluten free, to be tasted with local wines, beers and grappa from Trentino. 

Do not miss the exciting beer tankard challenge and the amusing tests for the election of Miss and Mister Canederlo! 

On Sunday craft market and typical local products.

The commitees being responsible for the organization of events are waiting for the official instructions about the safety conditions that must be granted during events. On the basis of these instructions we will inform you about the events telling you whether they are confirmed and which are the aspects and mesures that guests eventually have to consider and respect.

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