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It’s Christmas in Val di Fassa

Val di Fassa, the perfect Christmas card: pungent air, spotless peaks, adorned villages for merry holidays with relatives and friends

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The atmosphere you feel in Val di Fassa during the Feasts is like no other: the enchanted peaks, the prickly air, big, adorned trees in the squares, the lights and the wooden and ice cribs in the most suggestive corners of the villages.

St. Nicholas’ Feast is a great event for all the children, especially in Pozza, as Nicholas is the patron saint of the village. The Saint arrives between December 5 and 6, with his long, white beard, beautiful gowns and the mitre on his head. He comes on foot or on a sleigh, accompanied by some angels and by the terrible "Krampus", evil creatures wearing leathers and dark masks, horns on their heads and long chains resounding in the dark. Saint Nicholas visits the houses and make the children say some prayers and promise to be good, before giving them presents and delicacies.

On December 25, Santa Claus gathers the children in the squares, with baskets full of presents, while on January 5 and 6 it’s time to meet the "Befana". Furthermore, small and big choirs - announced by the "Three Kings" - present the ancient carols in the town-centres.

From December 8 to January 6, the Christmas markets in Moena, Sèn Jan di Fassa and Campitello present typical products of the Dolomites, gracious presents and souvenirs of the first holiday of the winter season.

Wood, cork, snow, fabric, paper or papier-mache. These are the tools with which ancient and modern cribs are made, thanks to the efforts of the inhabitants of the valley. The nativities scenes dot the villages of Val di Fassa from December 8 till Epiphany (January 6). You can find them in the "festil" (Ladin world for fountain), in the gardens covered in snow, through the tidy woodpiles beside the houses, in the ancient haylofts, beside the chapels, under the stairs and even on the windows of houses and hotels and shops. The ultimate symbol of Christmas is a chance for the tourists to make suggestive walks through the villages and, sometimes, even to vote for their favourite one.

Classic music, anthems, chants, carols and bagpipes. In Val di Fassa, the enthusiasts of Christmas traditions can enjoy not only the snowed landscapes, the suggestive atmospheres of the villages and 210 km of ski slopes, but also the atmosphere given by heart-warming melodies. The performances often take place in the most ancient churches of the valley, combining the pleasure of the music with the discovery of gothic architectures, paintings from the German and Venetian school and baroque furniture that are characteristic of religious places in Val di Fassa.

Walks, descents on sleighs and bobsleighs, snow-tubing slopes, snow parks, horse-drawn carriages, exclusive shops, après ski, pubs and discotheques and much more. Fun is guaranteed, especially on New Year’s Eve, with elegant dinners in the hotels and in the restaurants, euphoric nights in the coolest pubs of the Dolomites and parties in the squares to celebrate the New Year. 

Val di Fassa is the ideal place to feel the warmth of Christmas Holidays, in a fairy-tale atmosphere that, here, becomes true.

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