Handicraft market in Vigo di Fassa

Handicraft market along Strada Roma

The village of Vigo di Fassa hosts this nice market of typical products near the public library. It is funny to go shopping among the stands, displaying furniture, woven for the home and many handicraft objects.

Handicraft market by the associations:
-"Creativi del Trentino" (25th June, 9th July, 30th July, 6th August, 20th August, 3rd September);
-"Artigianando" (13th July, 24th August);
-"Gruppo Artigiani M.I.T.O." Levico (23rd July, 11th August, 25th August);
-"Mestieri in Piazza" (27th July, 16th August, 28th August);
-Bianchi Silvana and Lionella Candioli (23rd July, 6th August);
-"Festa delle Regioni del Mercato Italiano" (11th July, 1st August);
-"Arte Group" (8th August);
-Federica Esposito (15th July, 29th July, 12th August, 26th August);