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Gries town festival

Gries town festival: Holy Mass, typical gastronomy and music

According to the studies, it seems that the Gries feast has been celebrated since August, 5 in 1787 (and maybe even before), when the small church of "Our Lady of the Snow" became the destination for pligrims, replacing the sanctuary of Pietralba (BZ) closed to the devoted by the Emperor Giuseppe II. Even after the reopening of Pietralba, the celebration of August, 5 have been still much felt (according to the historical moments) and celebrated, even today. The feast begins at 10.00 a.m. with the open-air Mass in the square Piaz Gries, followed by an aperitif with tasting of the typical desserts called "grostoi" for everybody. The feast goes on in loc. Ciuch, where it is possible to taste dishes of the Ladin tradition. In the afternoon local folk groups and bands will perform.

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