Garda Trentino Trail

An international event, a mix of nature and trail running, sport and incredible landscapes of lakes and mountains


GTT con KMDistance: 60Km
Altitude gain: 3500m D+
Dirty track: 90%
Start point: Riva del Garda (68m m.s.l)
Arrival point: Arco – Climbing Stadium – (90m m.s.l.)
Aid stations: 6 (11°, 22°, 32°, 40°, 45°, 54° km)
Highest point: 1780m m.s.l. Point between  Bocca Dromaè (1685m m.s.l.) and Bocca Saval (1721m m.s.l.)

Very quick Tracking/Route with no steep slopes either uphill and downhill exception for the final ascent to Mount Biaina which appears nervous with short steep slopes.The cross-path below the peaks of the Ledrensi Alps presents two circumstances where attention must be paid, especially if the path is still covered by snow!Mount Biaina crest, although in a wide track, presents an impressive aerial view which requires carefulness.The final discent alternates technical parts and sweeter-ones but its 1400 meters in drop make it challenging.