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"Five senses" tasting

Grappa as you have never tasted it

ATTENTION: The opening of cultural and tourist sites, access to them, to public transport and to the services described in these pages is governed by the containment measures put in place by the government authorities and the Autonomous Province of Trento to deal with the COVID-19 health emergency. The rules may vary over time and provide for the application of different security measures — from closure, to social distancing, to the mandatory use of personal protective equipment such as gloves and masks. We therefore ask you to consult the section Travelling safely on this website and to contact the managers directly for updated information on how to gain access.

A guided tour with tasting at Marzadro Distillery to discover the world of grappa and liqueurs and retrace the footsteps of the Marzadro family from 1949 to today.
Immerse yourself in the history of this typical Trentino spirit and get yourself involved in the events of the pioneering Marzadro family, now in its third generation. Take part in the different production phases: visit the stills room, the storage areas and continue in the charming aging rooms where the wooden barrels donate hints and colors of acacia, cherry and oak to pure grappa. Here you can also admire several terracotta amphorae, used for a different aging techinque that guarantees the preservation of the natural color of grappa. At the end of the visit, in the welcoming tasting room, you can conclude the experience with a tasting of different grappas and liqueurs with Trentingrana, breadsticks or a special product, Domori chocolate, one of the most precious in the world.

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