Faedo, village of nativity scenes

Trentino’s largest nativity scene and the Three Wise Men

Faedo is home to Trentino’s largest nativity scene, Faedo, il paese del presepe. Step into the past in the old town centre, with its vaulted ceilings, narrow streets, cellars and arcades, a magical setting for eighty life-size statues depicting the daily activities of a farming community in days gone by. This unique experience will draw you into the magic of Christmas and introduce you to the typical features of a small village of timeless fascination

The magic culminates Sunday, January 5, when the lights go out and the village is illuminated by torches that animate the procession of the Three Wise Men, preceded by a large shining star and with musicians, figurants and shepherds in tow, visits the houses of the village, singing the songs of tradition to one or more voices, until it reaches the hut of the Child Jesus.

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