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Cribs in the historical hamlet "Turchia"

Exhibition of the most beautiful Christmas cribs in the traditional "Turchia" quarterhood in Moena

Exposition of hand-made cribs in the "Turchia" quarterhood in Moena from December 6 to January 13. At Christmas time, the local association "Grop de Turchia" mounts about twenty cribs in suggestive settings, in the most peculiar corners of Moena. The biggest one is set up in the hayloft "Tabià del Copeto" (1693) with full-size hand-made wood statues by local artists. It is advisable to visit the cribs at the sunset.

According to the legend, in 1663, after the defeat of the Turkish in Vienna, a soldier, seeking to return home, crossed San Pellegrino Pass, but fell exhausted near the last house in the district of Moena. The "infidel" was rescued and feed. It caused such a commotion that the district’s inhabitants were called Turks. In fact, in Strada de Turchia there is the Turkish fountain, built in 1922, representing an Arabian’s head, wearing a turban decorated with a crescent moon and a star.

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