Holidaying Safely in Trentino: our ways of taking care of you

Our guide to a peaceful and stress-free stay

Trentino is open and ready to welcome you. 

In our guides you can learn about all the measures put in place by our operators and tourist service providers to protect you and your loved ones. 

Contryfest with the "Grop de la Mèscres de Dèlba e Penia"

Festival of traditional masks of Ladin Carnival at the "Sia", the Venetian sawmill in Penìa

In the occasion of the patrons’ feast Saint Rocco and Sebastian the local Carnival group "Grop de la Mèscres de Dèlba e Penia" arranges the feast on the field next to the ancient Venetian sawmill "Sia". The programme of 3-days festival includes: aperitivo and Ladin lunch, traditional food and good music at evening, concerts, folk parade of the "Grop de la Mèscres" and other groups from the centre of Penìa to the feast location, folk dance exhibition. See extra programme.

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