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Concerto dell’Assunta

Music of the italian baroque for chamber orchestra, soprano and alto. Booking required.

ATTENTION: The opening of cultural and tourist sites, access to them, to public transport and to the services described in these pages is governed by the containment measures put in place by the government authorities and the Autonomous Province of Trento to deal with the COVID-19 health emergency. The rules may vary over time and provide for the application of different security measures — from closure, to social distancing, to the mandatory use of personal protective equipment such as gloves and masks. We therefore ask you to consult the section Travelling safely on this website and to contact the managers directly for updated information on how to gain access.


Octo de veronensibus gymnasii acolytorum alumnis decerpta ternis vocibus
modulanda una cum basso continuo pro organo.
Giacomo Vincenti, Venezia 1618 – RISM: B/I 1618; 5

Magino de Magis (XVII sec.)
Osculetur me osculo oris sui [Cantico dei Cantici 1:1]

Giulio Fanni (XVII sec.)
Trahe me post te [Cantico dei Cantici 1:3]

Simpliciano Tedeschi (XVII sec.)
Nigra sum [Cantico dei Cantici 1:4]

Gregorio Bertagnoli (XVII sec.)
Indica mihi quem [Cantico dei Cantici 1:6]

Pietro F. Vardina (ca.1600-1643)
Canzon prima

Francesco Padoano (XVII sec.)
Ego Flos campi [Cantico dei Cantici 2:1]

Domenico Anselmo (XVII sec.)
Introduxit me Rex [Cantico dei Cantici 2:4]

Gregorio Bertagnoli
Surge propera amica mea [Cantico dei Cantici 2:13]

Francesco Padoano
In lectuolo meo [Cantico dei Cantici 3:1]

Domenico Anselmo
Anima mea liquefacta est [Cantico dei Cantici 5:6]

Magino de Magis
Pulchra es amica mea [Cantico dei Cantici 6:3]
Veni dilecte mi [Cantico dei Cantici 7:11]

Pietro Francesco Vardina
Canzon seconda
Ecce Maria [Antifona, da Gv. 1:29]
Surge propera amica mea [Cantico dei Cantici 2:13]


Free entry - Booking required

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