Clowning week

Latemar Clownerie week

A rich program of events with magical and amusing artists that will bring something rare and great...emotions!

Fun is guaranteed both for children and adults. In the woods and in the meadows of Gardonè, reachable by cablecar from Predazzo, acrobatics and cirucs workshops will take place. It will be a week full of magic, colours and passion.



Of course he is not your normal university professor. He does not enjoy being in class or have chalk and red pens in his pocket!  He only feels at home amidst nature. He is a great miming expert (He regularly holds training courses for chameleons from all over the world) he’ll come and look for you in the Dragon Forest to give his lessons on ‘applied dragonology’. He will test you out by making you do funny experiments  like a mad scientist with his strange instruments. If you want to become a real dragonologist, wear your light weight hiking shoes and go to discover the winged creatures of Gardoné!

MONDAY 22 July Show: IMPROLOCURA, with Agro the Clown

An unpredictable and hilarious street performance that breaks up the daily rhythm. Using the universal language of the smile, it is an unexpected respite from the everyday routine! Get ready to play with a comical entertainer who mixes mime and clowning techniques, improvises with nature and interacts with the environment, making light of the serious face we put on as soon as we wake up.

THUESDAY 23 July Show: STREET COMEDY ONE, with Garaghty and Thom

After touring festivals and squares with amazing performances, what can they come up with in the wonderful setting of the Latemar massif? They draw their props from the environment and improvise cabaret numbers in elegant clothes – Garaghty and Thom are anything but creatures of habit. No one can say what the line-up will be as every aspect opens up new possibilities.

WEDNESDAY 24 July Show: STREET COMEDY MORE, with Garaghty and Thom

Are you ready to be swept away by bizarre gags from a couple who are so close-knit as to seem annoying? When everything is possible, something unexpected can happen right there where your eyes are, above the tip of your nose! With juggling numbers and English humour, this is a clown show the likes of which have never been seen before. Not to be missed!

THURSDAY 25 July Show: OTTO THE DACHSHUND, with Paolo Sperduti

In less than ten minutes he will disappear in a giant balloon and begin to dance. What can a street artist with a passion for balloons actually do? With his amazing routine, Otto the Dachshund has travelled everywhere: squares, streets, theatres. He travels light as his luggage contains only rubber!

FRIDAY 26 July Show: RHYTHM, with Yosuke Ikeda

Simply irresistible! You will want to get up, tap the air with your fingers and draw poems. It is the extraordinary elegance of Yosuke Ikeda that will get you into the mood of “Hello Goodbye”, mixing juggling, pantomime and clever, surprising techniques. Don't be fooled by a silent bowler hat – it will take to the air!


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