Christmas in music

Christmas melodies by the Parish Church in San Giovanni

In the picturesque San Giovanni parish church, the "Grödner Frauendreigesang" and the "Kalterer Saitenmusik" perform in a beautiful concert of traditional chants.

The "Grödner Frauendreigesang" from Val Gardena is made up of the singers Monika Kelder, Claudia Klöcker, Petra Seifart, and by the guitarist Otto Dellago. Founded in 1998, the group has a rich repertoire of folk sogs in German and Ladin.

Kalterer Saitenmusik. The group from Caldaro is made up of four members from the same family: Margareth Morandell Felderer (dulcimer), Verena Felderer (dulcimer, harp), Stefan Felderer (dulcimer, guitar), Hubert Felderer (double bass). The quartet mostly performs in the churches, playing pieces by Florin Pallhuber and Viktor Canin, by the Bindergassler Hausmusik of Tobi Reiser and by the Schönauer Musikanten.