Cheese Nic - Baita Checco

Eco-tasty and picnic and afternoon snacks in the nature of the Dolomites at Baita Checco at Ciampedìe

Lots of funny ways to have a healthy and tasty snack in the most beautiful places of the Dolomites’ nature. Verdant meadows, perfumed flowers, a spread to sit down, a picnic basket with cheese and local delicacies, and nature’s soughs: these are the key point of our appointments with Cheese Nic, in cooperation with the restaurants, farmhouses and hotels subscribing the Strada dei Formaggi delle Dolomiti (The Street of the Dolomites’ cheeses) that propose original snack’s appointments in wonderful locations, dedicated to the whole family.

Baita Checco - Vigo di Fassa.

Prices: 15,00 € adults, 7,00 € children. The reservation is welcome.