Blue Lakes Festival

Levico, Caldonazzo and Pinè - 17th, 20th and 26th July

17th | 20th JULY - 3rd AUGUST

Three nights of non-stop music on the Levico, Caldonazzo and Pinè lakes.

Tuesday 17th July at 9 pm
SUZANNE VEGA: concert on the Riviera beach on the Caldonazzo lake.

Thursday 26th July at 9 pm

DOLCENERA: concerto on the Lago delle Piazze (Pinè) public beach.

Friday 03rd August at 9 pm
SANANDA MAITREYA & The Sugar Plum Pharaohs ft. Luisa Corna: concert on the Levico lake public beach.

All the events are free and don't require any reservation or booking.

Tel.: 0461 727700