#ALBEINMALGA - Malga Tovre

Brenta Dolomites



05.30 at lifts in Molveno: Good morning! Are you ready? Yes we are, let's go!

05.45: In a few minutes we are at 1.370 m, but it's not enough, we want to get higher! With our boots, we are ready to go up the track leading to Malga Tovre.

6.00: We can see Damiano, Monica and Aurora in the distance...we're there! Kids, are you ready to meet the animals? Malga Tovre is indeed a didactic farm with cows, donkeys, sheeps, pigs, rabbits, chickens and geese.

Ops..we were forgetting about cheese... maybe it's better to start working! Let's follow Damiano and Monica while they milk cows.

Did you know the pasture of Malga Tovre is in the Nature Park Adamello Brenta?

07.30: We're ready to produce cheese. Were shall we start? While the milk boils...let's have breakfast with yogurt, fresh cheesem bread, marmelade!

08.00: The milk is ready, so we can start working: we discover how to produce butter, cheese, cream and yogurt.

10.30: our day at Malga Tovre is at end … goodbye to Damiano and Monica and all their animals, and let's get ready for another adventure!


Price: € 15,00 per person

The price includes:  
- guided tour 
- cheese production activities
- breakfast


What to have with you:
trekking boots and clothing

… and a lot of enthusiasm!