Ala city of velvet

Baroccheggiando. Wonder and entertainment between music and theatre

Ala historical center will enchant you with the music, culture and food of the 18th century. A full program of concerts, performances, laboratories, tastings and guided tours.
Ala city of velvet In Summer, Ala historical centre recalls the atmosphere of the 18th century when the city was famous for silk velvet production. During the three days of the event you will be surrounded by people in historical dresses that will guide you in the discovery of this fascinating period. The streets, palaces and squares will welcome events and performances, while the courtyards and gardens will host ancient activities and tastings of local delicacies. Programme From late afternoon you can participate to the guided tours in the historical palaces, children workshops, theatre performances, food and wine tastings (a special menu will be provided to celiac people). Soon the complete programme of the event.

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