1914-1918 La Gran Vera - La Grande Guerra: Galizia, Dolomiti

Exhibition-event about the Great War in Val di Fassa, by the Cinema Theatre Navalge in Moena

The important exhibition, promoted by Comune di Moena, Ladin Cultural Institute, the association "Sul fronte dei ricordi" and superintended by Michele Simonetti and Mauro Caimi, is a fortune of documents and relics divided in four thematic sections:

  • "Galizia 1914" (Galitia 1914), experienced through the extraordinary works by the Austrian "War painter", the "Kriegsmaler".
  • "La trincea" (The trench), with accurate reconstructions of walkways, posts, caves and dioramas that represent the real life in the trench and bring back the atmosphere of that period. Children and adults have the possibility to touch the objects, where the helmets, listen to sounds and memories.
  • "Dolomiti 1915" (Dolomites 1915). The Dolomites are still a unique and incredible battlefield, mostly rebuilt and open to visits: Alta Via Bepi Zac, Federspiel, Fango, Cima Bocche, Lagorai, are unique jewels in Europe. These places have bring back extraordinary memories of the tragic epopee that, for more than two years, has seen the enemy armies fighting at altitude. In the room dedicated to the Great War on the frontline in the Dolomites, there are around twenty original uniforms, both Austrian and Italian, enlightened in a scenic way, near thematical "windows" containing evidences of the war in the mountains, illustrating labels with the memories of the soldiers, pictures of that age and texts about events and frontline and backline situations. In the same room, it is possible to enter the "exhibition shop", with several objects and a wide exposition of books and publications, useful for those who want to better analyze the case.
  • "Guerra alla Guerra" (War to the War). The big balcony over the theatre foyer hosts a special section on the obscenity of the war, as is represented by the rough original pictures collected by Ernst Friedrich.

Download the flyer of the exhibition "La Gran Vera" in PDF format [6,7 MB]

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