Borgo di Casez

Overlooking the square in the ancient gentilitial village of Casez,...

Castel Cles

The castle is perched on a hill surrounded by orchards.

Castel Pietra

Castel Pietra is one of the most important examples of castles built...

© Foto Archivio Apt

Rocca di Riva

Today, Rocca di Riva houses the Civic Museum of Riva del Garda.

Castel Campo | © photo APT Comano

Castel Campo

A striking castle bear witness to local history.

Castello San Michele | © Foto Apt Val di Sole

San Michele Castle

The keep of the Castle of Ossana is perched on an inaccessible spur...

Castel Romano

The fascinating Castel Romano ruins are surro unded by legends and...

Castel Telvana

Castel Telvana dominates the historic town of Borgo Valsugana

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