Antica segheria venezianaTaialacqua

Antica segheria veneziana Taialacqua

The ancient sawmill was constructed as a cooperative business in...

Valsugana Ecomuseum

A series of itineraries to explore the identity of the local area...

Calceranica Mining Park

Today the old mine is a park open to visits

Ecomuseo della Val di Peio | © Foto Archivio Apt Val di Sole

Ecomuseo della Val di Peio ‘Piccolo Mondo alpino’

Filzerhof | © Filzerhof


It is amazing to see the way wood has been used for both construction...

Archaeological Site Doss Castel

To the discovery of the Raetians

Molino Ruatti | © Foto Archivio Apt Val di Sole

Ruatti Watermill – in Ponsadio, Rabbi

This is one of only a small number of 19th century watermills that...

Miniera Grua

Miniera - Museo Grua va Hardömbl

Bringing back the mine's original atmosphere.

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