Museo Casa Natale Antonio Longo | © Foto Archivio Apt Val di Fiemme

Museum Antonio Longo

The house of the painter native of Varena has recently been renovated, transformed into a museum and opened to the public

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Centro della fondazione Stava  | © Foto Archivio Apt Val di Fiemme

Centro della fondazione Stava 1985 Onlus

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Museo storico della Guardia di Finanza | © photo Guardia di Finanza Scuola Alpina di Predazzo

Museo Storico Guardia di Finanza

The military, sports and mountaineering history of the Skiing Unit of the Italian Tax Police

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Banco de la Resòn | © Foto Apt Val di Fiemme

Banco de la Resòn

Place of discussion for the Comunità and of witch trials

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Esposizione_Museo_Geologico_Predazzo_photo DFerrari | © Esposizione_Museo_Geologico_Predazzo_photo DFerrari

Geological Museum of the Dolomites

The rich array on display within the museum, integrated with the outdoor Geotrail

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Centro d’arte contemporanea – Cavalese | © Foto Apt Val di Fiemme

Museum of Contemporary Art – Cavalese

The combination of the splendid artistic collection and the Alpine location where the artwork is housed

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Forte Dossaccio

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Museo Mulino della “Meneghina” | © Foto Archivio Apt Val di Fiemme

Museo Mulino della “Meneghina”

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