Permanent exhibition of the Great War in Valsugana and on the Lagorai...

The exhibit offers a rich display of vestiges related to the war...

Calceranica Mining Park

Today the old mine is a park open to visits

"Pietra Viva" Stone Museum

An itinerary steeped in history, culture and nature in the Fersina...

Castel Telvana

Castel Telvana dominates the historic town of Borgo Valsugana

Miniera Grua

Miniera - Museo Grua va Hardömbl

Bringing back the mine's original atmosphere.

The Ecomuseo of Journeying

Valsugana Ecomuseum

A series of itineraries to explore the identity of the local area...

Museum on the Theme of Mountains and Women

In Olle, the ancient Casa Andriollo houses the permanent exhibition...

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