Summertime at Trentino’s Spas

Rejuvenating waters, massages and wellness treatments, walks and meditation in nature

The Spas of Trentino can help you achieve all your wellness and relaxation goals in beautiful, open, spotless spaces with their range of springtime wellness packages and programmes.

 You have options inside the spas, with special treatments like massages and baths, and outdoors in nature for relaxing activities like mindfulness sessions, Thai Chi exercises, and excursions in the woods — everything to restore body and mind.

From the shores of Lake Levico — the world’s first destination to achieve a sustainable tourism certification — to the fresh air of the Italian Alps, below is a list of packages that our Spas have to offer for a wellness break.


Terme di Rabbi

The spa at Rabbi has a different treat for The Terme di Rabbi spa is located at an altitude of 1,200 metres, within the Stelvio National Park. The thermal water represents an effective treatment for a variety of disorders, and is also used to produce natural cosmetic products. The spa also offers park therapy activities with experts.

Terme di Pejo

The Terme di Pejo spa is deep within the Stelvio National Park. Its thermal water flows from three springs, each with a different balance of salts, ions and natural gases, and is highly effective in the treatment of various disorders. The spa also offers programmes for mental and physical well-being in nature, and an impressively equipped wellness area.

Terme di Levico   

The Terme di Levico and Vetriolo spas are located in Valsugana, the first destination to achieve sustainable tourism certification. These spas use the Acqua Forte spring, which flows from the Lagorai mountains, and also offer programmes for physical and mental well-being in nature.

Terme di Comano

Just a few kilometres from Lake Garda is the Terme di Comano spa, a dermatological centre of excellence. It also offers beauty treatments and wellness activities in nature, such as meditation and forest therapy.

Terme Dolomia 

The Terme Dolomia spa is located in Ladin territory in Pozza di Fassa in the Fassa Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The thermal water — from the only sulphur spring in Trentino — is famous for its healing powers. The spa offers programmes for physical and mental well-being in nature, as well as beauty treatments.

Terme Val Rendena 

The Terme Val Rendena spa is just a few kilometres from Madonna di Campiglio and the Brenta Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its iron-rich water is used for respiratory and vascular ailments. The spa offers meditation and breathing exercises in the nature of the Adamello-Brenta Park.

Published on 12/06/2024