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The Spas of Trentino: wave winter goodbye with our spring wellness treats

Welcome to a new you amid the beauty of nature

The year begins full of good intentions, but if there’s one thing we need now more than ever, it’s a spot of detox – unplugging, finding fresh balance, and getting back in better physical and mental shape out in the countryside.

But if you want to make it happen, here are 6 top places for a short self-care break. From the banks of Lake Levico to the fresh Dolomite air, boost your health and wellbeing this spring in the spas of Trentino.

Indulge in a break just for you in the tranquil peace of our natural parks. It’s a great way to see off the winter and ring in the spring.

It’s time to relax and detox!



Rabbi SPA

The spa at Rabbi has a different treat for you every day this spring. Choose Natural Wellbeing in Stelvio National Park and soak up all the energy in a course of Park Therapy. A holistic practitioner will guide you on barefoot walks to hug some trees and breathe deeply by picturesque waterfalls. Or try Thermal Detox, to revive your senses with breathing exercises, harmonious movement, dedicated spa treatments and tasting the spa waters. Then there’s the Fragrance of the Mountains, with wellbeing treatments using genuine local ingredients and the age-old methods of traditional alpine medicine. If you’re an active type, then Stop and Go – Sport for All will have you running and pedalling your way to fitness, the fun way. Our recipe for wellness? Move, breathe, and sip the spa water, all in the heart of nature!

Pejo SPA

Imagine exploring the byways of your body in one of the wildest, most unspoilt areas of Stelvio National Park. Rediscover your natural harmony amid virgin forest, babbling streams and enchanting flora and fauna with the new Natural Wellbeing offering from Pejo Spa. There are four wellness pathways, one for each natural element: air, water, earth and fire. Try this new experience and emerge refreshed!


Levico SPA  

Banish stress, revitalise body and mind, and learn some breathing techniques that’ll help in your daily life. The Balance – Stress Relief package at Levico Spa combines the soothing effect of bathing in spa water like no other in Italy with activities and treatments that are sure to restore your harmony. Enjoy yoga by the lake, mindful walks in the historic garden, sound therapy with Tibetan bells, and encounters with nature guided by a breathing techniques instructor. If you know that making time for yourself is the key to your long-term wellbeing, this one’s for you.


Comano SPA

The Comano Method offers three complete self-care and wellbeing experiences to purify your body, cleanse your skin and free your breathing. It’s all based on the spa water – to drink, bathe in and inhale the vapour. And there are new outdoor activities to keep stress at bay and help rediscover your energy. Choose from: Revitalize, a unique skincare pathway to exfoliate, hydrate and energise your face; Silhouette, a spa beauty ritual combined with toning fitness exercise; and the Walking and Energy package to recharge in the country.


Dolomia SPA

There are three options to choose from at Dolomia Spa in the Val di Fassa. Savour the sensation of wellness with these blends of treatments and open-air walks, horse riding excursions and days in the saddle of an electric mountain bike. After mud, hydromassage, aerosol treatments, Tai Chi and Qui Gong sessions with a kinesiologist, have fun out in the mountains, enjoying the views of the Latemar. And don’t forget, with their amazing properties the spa waters are great for preventing joint pain and breathing discomfort. If you have these conditions, choose the package called No dolore (Pain away).


Caderzone SPA

Borgo Salute in the charming Val Rendena is here to restore your mental and physical harmony after a tough 2020. Relaxation isn’t just an end in itself: you also get to explore the wonderful scenery in Adamello Brenta Natural Park through three personalised offerings. The Ayurvedic course is a meditative experience to rediscover your mental and physical balance by looking within yourself; the Spa course helps to prevent stress via healthy lifestyle changes; and the Health and Wellbeing programme will get you back in trim.

Published on 05/07/2021