Holidaying Safely in Trentino: our ways of taking care of you

Our guide to a peaceful and stress-free stay

Trentino is open and ready to welcome you. 

In our guides you can learn about all the measures put in place by our operators and tourist service providers to protect you and your loved ones. 

Spas of the Dolomites, the healing properties of biodiversity

Health, wellness, nature. Welcome to the Spas of Trentino, where water is an ally of wellbeing

Comano, QC Terme, Dolomia, Levico and Vetriolo, Pejo, Rabbi and Val Rendena. Wonderful places with different variety of waters.

All thanks to the beneficial properties of biodiversity in the mountains of Trentino, from the Dolomites, a "UNESCO World Heritage Site", to the glaciers of Adamello and Cevedale. The thermal waters are rich in minerals and precious elements. Iron, selenium, arsenic, carbon dioxide, calcium, magnesium, fluoride and sulphur make these waters a strong remedy for several diseases of the skin, joints and the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Each facility is specialised and dedicated to improving your health, while respecting the delicate balance between body and mind.
Additional benefits derive from the climate, landscape, unspoiled nature, opportunities to move outdoors, breathing in the woods, bathing in the lakes and skiing in winter on the snowy slopes. Thanks to their active ingredients (which in some cases are unique), the hot springs of Trentino are a real circuit of health, wellness and relaxation. A holiday in a spa in Trentino is therefore a natural choice, with a modern range of services that provide effective care, wellness and relax and that are also useful as a preventive treatment. A holiday that makes you feel good.
In addition to the six thermal spas affiliated with the National Public Health Service, Trentino also hosts other valuable facilities: Casa Raphael in Roncegno Terme and Garda Thermae in Arco near Lake Garda.

QC Terme Dolomiti - Piscine scoperta

QC Terme Dolomiti

Regenerate yourself in a mountain wellness centre

Terme di Comano - Piscina

Terme di Comano

Water, a friend of the skin of adults and children

Terme di Levico e Vetriolo - Fanghi termali

Terme di Levico and Vetriolo

An iron-rich water ideal for curing many diseases

Terme di Rabbi

Terme di Rabbi

An elixir of life for fighting cellulite

Terme Dolomia - Massaggi

Terme Dolomia

Breathe well thanks to the virtues of sulphur

Terme Val Rendena

Terme Val Rendena

The pleasure of feeling good in Borgodella Salute (or "Village of Heal

Terme di Pejo

Terme di Pejo

Health and wellness throughout the year

Garda Thermae

Garda Thermae

Wellness and relax by the Lake

Published on 14/09/2020