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Mountain huts: marvellous views from the roof of the world

Climb up. Breathe in. Open your eyes to the beauty that awaits you

A mountain holiday is all about peace and quiet, clean air, long walks, taking a break and much more. To immortalise such experiences many choose to take souvenir photos. And what better than a snapshot of a striking panorama? Maybe taken from the privileged viewpoint of one of Trentino’s many mountain huts.

Indeed, Trentino is dotted with mountain cabins, important alpine strongholds open to the skies. These structures are not simply guesthouses or refreshment stops but true panoramic viewpoints where you can soak in unparalleled panoramas and, of course, enjoy some fantastic cuisine. Many huts are easily reached from the valleys by ski-lift facilities that remain open even during the summer months, like those we are about to recommend. An unforgettable summer holiday awaits.

If on the other hand you wish to undertake an excursion in the mountains, these huts represent fundamental crossroads for the network of trails and paths: all can be reached on foot, and from there you can carry on and explore the more spectacular corners of this territory.

With the right gear and maybe a cotton handkerchief to dry those tears: we guarantee an emotional and unforgettable experience.

Rifugio Maria al Sass Pordoi - Val di Fassa

This mountain hut is located at an altitude of 2,950 metres, on the “moon rocks” of Sass Pordoi. The view alone is enough to provoke an attack worthy of Stendhal’s syndrome. The hut is named after Maria Pavarin, sister of the Val di Fassa mountaineer Tita Piaz, known as the “Devil of the Dolomites”. Indeed, with determination and a certain amount of stubbornness, he not only founded the mountain hut but had the intrepid cableway, which joins the pass to the summit, built too.


Rifugio la Roda - Paganella

When you reach this mountain hut, on foot or by taking a couple of hops on the cableway, you’ll find yourself whispering to yourself, with a sense of amazement and satisfaction, “Any higher would be impossible”. And this feeling will only grow as you sit down to eat, as the wonders that just a moment earlier delighted your vision, now move to your palate and arouse all your senses!


Rifugio Stella d'Italia - Alpe Cimbra

Setting off in the morning on foot or taking the cable car from Francolini, you’ll find a broad sunny terrace to greet you at the Stella d’Italia (Star of Italy) mountain hut, with fresh snacks and a delicious lunch, not to mention the marvellous view across the town of Folgaria and the surrounding highlands. If you wish to spend the night, after a good dinner and maybe a glass of something on the terrace, you’ll also have a privileged view of the night sky. A true Star amongst the stars.


Rifugio Doss del Sabion - Pinzolo

Probably the best way to describe it is a terrace overlooking the Brenta Dolomites at an altitude of 2,100 metres. From here you can reach the Malga Movlina farmstead or Valagola lake making your way through the herds of Rendena cattle out pasturing. A family friendly stop, this mountain hut at the feet of Prà Rodont has a well-equipped playground for children and its specialities include Spressa delle Giudicarie cheese, other farmhouse cheeses, cold cuts of meat and “carne salada”.


Rifugio Rosetta - San Martino di Castrozza

Leaving the valley floor more than a thousand metres below, two segments of cableway will take you, with no little emotion, to the reign of rock which forms the highlands of the legendary Pale di San Martino Dolomites. The mountain cabin that you’ll find not far from the station of arrival will appear like something out of a fable, urging you to bring your hand to your mouth and think: how did they manage to build it up here? For your answer, we refer you to Mario Lott, mountaineer and manager of this mountain hut.

Published on 10.04.2019