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The summer you’ve dreamed of

Spring brings us a promise that summer is close at hand. And knowing that something is close by spurs us on to make plans, to dream big and then set our dreams in motion. Here, you’ll find our answers to the prompt “This summer, I want to...”. We hope they will inspire you, on your next trip to Trentino, to ask yourself the question:

what do I want to do this summer?


I want a walk through orchards and castles, like knights and ladies of long ago.

A simple wish: to spend a day in the company of your closest friends. And nothing could be simpler than a morning stroll through the fresh pastures of Val di Non with a delicious picnic, followed by a visit to Thun Castle in the afternoon. And in the evening? Just turn your eyes to the heaven s and admire the stars!

I want to wake up and find breakfast ready, with milk as fresh as can be.

Mornings in Trentino are a golden moment: the white gold of pure, delicious milk, fresh from the green fields, grass and flowers of Alpine pastures. This is the milk that’s also used to make creamy yoghurt to dollop onto fresh fruit, and in butter to spread thickly on a hearty slice of sweet-smelling bread.

I want a climb with a view!

You can go rock-climbing on the limestone cliffs of Garda Trentino, which are famous all over the world and attract top athletes from Italy and overseas. And of course, let’s not forget the breath-taking panorama you get from the top.

I want to belly-flop from the jetty

3, 2, 1, ... splash! Diving into Lake Levico, you’ll find that the water is warmer than you might have expected from a lake in Trentino. You’ll also realise that being here in Valsugana means you’ve got the environment at heart, because this is the world’s first destination with sustainable tourism certification.

I want to ride my bike all the way to the waterfall

Gradually changing gear ratios from highest to lowest, glued to the saddle, teeth clenched, non-stop all the way to the top as you climb the hill to the Cascata di Valorz waterfall. Once there, the cool misty spray of water droplets will wipe away all your fatigue.


I want to conquer the landscape, step by step

Study your itinerary well, prepare your rucksack, pull on your boots and away you go. Climbing from the meadows of Val Duron all the way to Lake Antermoia may seem an impossible undertaking, but if you take it one step at a time, you’ll soon find yourself gazing upon what looks like an enormous emerald glittering among the Dolomites.

I want to see how long I can last in the icy waters

Take a walk in the wilderness of Val Nambrone, on one of the ‘Dolomiti Natural Wellness’ trails. Here, the Sarca River forms little pools before beginning its descent towards Lake Garda. The water is freezing but your feet are already in, and the sensation of well-being is immense!


I want to cast my hook deep below the surface

Wade up the Travignolo river in high rubber boots, surrounded by truly wild vegetation, to discover what it means to make a good cast that might even reward you with a fine marbled trout, to keep or to set free.

I want to visit the moon

Exploring the lunar landscape of the Pale di San Martino Plateau, that mysterious expanse of dolomitic rock spread out at an altitude of over 2,500 metres, is an adventure to enjoy over several days with a group of friends. Spend the star-studded night in a lodge, and be the first to greet the sun in the morning.

I want four glasses of Trentodoc, please!

Picture strolling with friends along the banks of Lake Garda, as the evening draws in and the air grows cooler. You’ve already booked a restaurant for your dinner. Everybody orders their own favourite dishes, but when it comes to wine there’s no hesitation: “Four glasses of Trentodoc, please!”

Published on 14/05/2021