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Kitesurfing, biking and via ferratas: what else?

Wild sceneries and adrenaline rush for intense emotion lovers 

Crystal clear water, steep cliffs and mountain faces: experience lush scenery and intense emotions, challenging wind, biking or climbing brand-new via ferratas. Valli Giudicarie, in the western part of Trentino, will open the doors to your adrenaline holidays.

Artistical Climb

Experience the climbing routes combining adventure and art as you crawl past wooden sculptures, rocks and metals sculpted by the artists and climbers themselves. Ideal choice when short of time, as well as unmissable destination for via ferrata fans.The routes start from the Croz de le Niere wall and form a ring circuit, with wonderful views on the Giudicarie Valley.

Glide on the water: adrenalinic kitesurfing at Lake Idro 

Whizzing across the silky smooth water of this glacial lake riding your board. Let your kite drag you around while harnessing the powerful Amber, a thermal wind blowing only during the afternoon. Experience freedom, flying over the water, sliding and carving waves. What more?

Bocchette di Brenta: the most famous via ferrata in the world 

This “iron road” is renowned as the most beautiful one in the world. Enjoy the breath-taking beauty of Brenta Dolomites’ via ferratas, and explore their many intersections too. Experience an outstanding hiking trail passing through exposed ledges, small pinnacles, terraces, small crests and vertical walls.

Road-bike, free-ride or cross-country?

Which one would you pick among cross-country, free-ride and road bike? In Valli Giudicarie you’ll be spoilt by the many possibilities.  You will enjoy terrific trails and amazing sceneries, ranging from crystal clear lakes to the extraordinary Dolomites. Don’t know where to start from? Marvin, our expert biker and instructor, will take care of you.  
Published on 18.03.2019