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Where are you off to with your bicycle? On holiday in Trentino of course!

7 biking hotels offering services and facilities for bike aficionados

If you simply don’t feel complete without your bicycle, if you feel that “nothing is quite as pleasant as simply pedalling about on your bike”, if you pack your pump and spare inner tube before you even think of your toothbrush when you go on holidays, well then, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some tailored recommendations for true biking enthusiasts.

These hotels offer a complete range of services for you and your two-wheeled travelling companion and will help turn your holiday into an unforgettable cycling experience. As you pedal along under the summer sun and feel the crisp Trentino air on your face, you’ll forget all about the long months of cold and inactivity and feel the freedom that only a bicycle can offer… especially on holidays!


Hotel Santoni

The philosophy of this hotel is more of a “freelosophy”…. That’s the only term that can in any way transmit that sense of freedom and of the great outdoors you will experience here, with Lake Garda as a backdrop! Numerous services and facilities for mountain bike enthusiasts where flexibility is a priority. The youthful staff are also on hand to help you get the most from your holiday outdoors.


Grand Hotel Molveno

Here, between the turquois waters of Molveno lake and the white peaks of the Brenta Dolomites, you’ll find the most extensive mountain biking area in Trentino: with 3 bike parks and countless trails. You can rent a bike directly from the hotel, however if you bring your own, you’ll still find everything you need for yourself and your beloved two-wheeled companion.


Beverly Hotel

Take one of the numerous trails through the Brenta Dolomites Park and then get back to your hotel for a spot of relaxation in the Wellness Centre and Spa before sitting down to a gourmet dinner. This is all possible at the Beverly Hotel in Pinzolo, one of Trentino’s “bike hotels” which offers specific services for cycling enthusiasts.


Hotel Castel Pietra

A 4-star hotel with a panoramic view that’s simply off the scale: the majestic peaks of the Pale di San Martino Dolomites! Perfect for climbs and thrilling descents, they also represent the perfect spot for avid downhill biking aficionados that can also take advantage of the cable cars and bike park services, maybe in the company of an expert biking guide, an exclusive service offered by the hotel.


Hotel Valacia

If, besides your bike, you appreciate silence, relaxation and good food you should seriously consider this hotel. Here you’ll find personalised offers for those, like you, are seeking an adventurous holiday in the Dolomites combined with a desire to discover local traditions which, here in the Val di Fassa, are centred around the ancient Ladin culture.


Hotel Vittoria

What’s in a name? A lot, as Vittoria means “victory” and here in the Val di Sole most cyclists feel a sudden urge to grab their mountain bikes and conquer a rugged trail! Indeed, this is exactly where the Italian leg of the 2019 MTB World Cup will be held. So, are you ready to follow in the trail of champions and seek out your own personal Vittoria?


Alpen Hotel Eghel

A warm welcome and fantastic hospitality are two qualities that the Stroffi family has been priding itself on for generations and yet has always been able to adapt to the changing times. Now, this stylish hotel has specialised and offers a complete range of services for the growing number of mountain bikers, attracted to the Cimbrian highlands by its numerous cross-country trails.

Published on 04.08.2019