Mushrooms hunting

A few suggestions and some useful information on collecting mushrooms in Trentino

He who finds a mushroom... finds a treasure!
In this article, we will not give you the exact coordinates for the "best places" - the ones full of mushrooms - we would rather you enjoy the discovery for yourself!

Here are a few suggestions and pointers on collecting mushrooms in Trentino - so start walking!

In collecting mushrooms, the rain plays a very important part.

In summer, the positive aspect of a few days of rain is the definite ease with which, walking through the forests in the days that follow, you can come across mushrooms: chanterelle, porcini mushrooms, bleeding milk caps, and many other varieties.

It is a beautiful experience to walk in the green and scented forest just a few hours after the rain: the pleasure is precisely in walking slowly, looking under the leaves, insisting in the search, and finally discovering the mushrooms.
Your compensation will be the chance to make a risotto, or to cook them with meat or polenta dishes.

Here are a few practical tips on mushroom collecting in Trentino:

  • Collecting: if you are not a resident in the Province of Trento, all you have to do is ask for a permit in the Municipality where you are looking for mushrooms, and pay for it. The permit is issued to the individual person. The cost of the permit varies from one municipality to the next, and is somewhere around 5-15 € per day. For further information you can contact the offices of the Local Tourism Authorities.

  • You are a good fungaiolo [mushroom collector] if you collect only mushrooms that you can identify!

  • When you are walking in the undergrowth, look from the bottom up, you will have a better chance of identifying their stem. The undergrowth must not be too dark, the sun must be able to filter through the branches.

  • Remember that you can collect a maximum of 2 Kg per person, between 7 in the morning and 7 in the evening.
  • Dress accordingly, with hiking boots, a jersey, and a raincoat.
  • Carry a knife with you, to clean the mushroom immediately, together with a ventilated container to keep your collection in.
  • Respect nature, don't use rakes or hooks to help your search, and try not to damage the other mushrooms.
  • Are you sure, or do you have any doubts about the type of mushroom you have found? Don't risk it! Ask the mushroom help-desks at the Tourism Offices or in the Municipality. Experts periodically provide consulting and mycological information services.
Published on 16/10/2019