Curiosity and tips about the use of the snowshoes

Step out into a world of white

Put on a pair of snowshoes, and suddenly walking on snow is easy

Snowshoes have come a long way since the glorified tennis racquets of old. These days, they’re lightweight and articulated, and it’ll take you no more than five or ten minutes to get used to them. They are, without doubt, the easiest way to explore our beautiful winter landscapes.

You’ll need to widen your gait a little, so you don’t step on the inside of your frames. It’ll also take a minute or two to get used to walking with poles. But those are the only adjustments required when you put on a modern pair of snowshoes. Built from high-tech metals and plastics, they’re a lot narrower than they used to be, and come with a range of grips and crampons underneath, to give you a sure footing on snow and ice. Meanwhile, a hinge between footplate and platform means there’s absolutely no need to adopt the strange circular steps used by the farmers and hunters of old.

In other words, snowshoeing is a piece of cake. The only limits to your adventures are your stamina, and the weather, and in Trentino you’ll find a huge range of well-mapped itineraries to follow. Many are easy valley walks and will take no more than a couple of hours. Others follow the path of ski tourers up into the mountains, and will last the whole day. All will give you a taste of winter most skiers can only guess at: where the only sounds are likely to be the croak of a raven, and the rhythm of your own breathing.