Night skiing and Trentino Ski Sunrise

See the mountains in a different light

Skiing under the stars, or by the first rays of the morning sun, are experiences you won’t easily forget.

This winter, why not open your eyes to two very different ski experiences? As night falls, you can try floodlit skiing in many of Trentino’s resorts. Or, for a taste of empty pistes and stunning scenery, sign up for our Trentino Ski Sunrise programme, which gives you the chance to ski just as the first rays of sunlight are kissing the snow.


It’s a view of the mountains few skiers ever see – the first light of day colouring the snowy peaks, fresh-groomed corduroy beneath your skis, the mountains all but empty. And it’s on offer every Saturday morning in Trentino, between January and March, as part of the Trentinoskisunrise programme. This weekly event gives skiers exclusive, early-morning access to some of the most exciting ski runs in Trentino - after they’ve gorged themselves on a delicious breakfast. And there’s no need to feel left out if you don’t ski. Bring a pair of snowshoes and, after breakfast, you can take a walk in the silence and majesty of the dawn.


Night skiing

Night skiing is also widely available in our resorts. It’s a madly popular activity with the locals – a chance to burn off some energy after a day at work – and once you’ve tried it, you’ll be hooked too. Yes, part of the pleasure comes from the novelty. After all, you’re whizzing down the side of a mountain when half the resort is already tucked up in bed. But then a different sensation takes over. Skiing by floodlight shuts out all the usual distractions. All you can see is the snow in front of you, and pretty soon all you care about is your speed and the quality of your turns. It’s a moment of all-consuming focus.