Dining in a mountain hut

Together, food, wine and firelight create a magical atmosphere

Dinner in one of Trentino’s mountain huts is not an experience you’ll easily forget.

Trentino’s cuisine mixes traditions from Italy, the Hapsburg empire, and the Ladini - who have lived in the remote valleys of the Italian Alps for hundreds years. The effect is mouthwatering; and there’s no better place to get sense of its variety, and its deep roots in the surrounding landscape, than by sitting down to dinner in mountain refuge.

To understand just how distinctive a winter holiday in Trentino can be, visit one of our mountain huts. You’ll find them dotted right across the region, set high above our towns and villages, and surrounded by hushed, snowy landscapes of forests, cliffs and crags. Many are open for dinner, and at night the contrast between the cold, quiet atmosphere outside, and the warm hospitality within, feels miraculous.

So does the food. Here, Trentino’s world-class ingredients mix with flavours from all over Italy and the Alps to mouthwatering effect. To sit down with an aperitivo of Trentodoc spumante, and a meal that might, for example, include spaghetti, followed by venison cooked with cream and juniper berries, would be treat anywhere. But high in the Dolomites, adrift on an ocean of snow, it quickly becomes unforgettable.

For the full effect, you should try snow-shoeing or even ski-touring to reach your supper. But if your legs are tired from a day on the pistes, don’t worry. Many hut owners will whisk you to and from your table by snowmobile or even a horse-drawn sleigh.