For Trentino, safety comes first.

In this section, you can learn more about all the measures put in place by our operators and tourist service providers to protect you and your loved ones.

The Skirama Consortium: for complete safety while you ski

All of the latest information to guarantee a relaxed 2020/2021 ski season for all

The Skirama Dolomiti Adamello Brenta Consortium brings together 8 Trentino ski resorts, including: the Campiglio Dolomiti Ski Area, featuring the resorts of Madonna di Campiglio, Pinzolo and Folgarida-Marilleva; the Peio 3000 Ski Area; Pontedilegno-Tonale; Paganella Ski; Alpe Cimbra; and Monte Bondone. The Consortium has put together a series of initiatives to handle the ski season with complete safety.

The Consortium aims to prevent queues and crowds and facilitate the smooth and safe management of flows to the ski lifts. Cash registers, valley and mountain stations, cable cars, gondola lifts: no detail has escaped the Consortium’s plan.

Skirama: a consortium that cares about safety

Skipass reimbursement

The Consortium has introduced a new way of protecting its clients, in the form of a minimum number of guaranteed open days (80). If this number is not reached, it will be possible to obtain a partial reimbursement of the purchase price. In the event of the total closure of facilities enforced by local or national authorities in connection with the Covid-19 epidemic, the Consortium will reimburse the purchase price of a seasonal ticket in proportion to the number of days below the guaranteed minimum on which it could not be used. The same conditions shall also apply for those who purchase weekly or multi-day passes at the start of their holidays.

Online SkipassesThe Skirama Consortium encourages the online purchase of skipasses. Every type of skipass is available for purchase on the website. Moreover, those who purchase their passes online can get a discount of up to 10% on Superskirama prices, depending on the period and seasonality. These incentives apply to adult, junior and children’s day passes as well as multi-day passes.

Skirama: a consortium that cares about safety

Online skipass sales points

Snowit: Andalo, Folgaria, Folgarida, Madonna di Campiglio, Marilleva, Monte Bondone, Peio, Pinzolo, Tonale -

MyPass Ski: Andalo, Folgaria, Folgarida, Madonna di Campiglio, Marilleva, Monte Bondone, Peio, Pinzolo, Tonale -

TelepassPay: Folgaria-Fiorentini, Lavarone, Folgarida Marilleva, Madonna di Campiglio, Pinzolo, Peio, Tonale -



The Qoda App

The Skirama resort has decided to adopt Qoda, an app designed to make it easier to use many everyday services. In fact, Qoda can be used to check how many people are already waiting and the average time it takes to catch a cable lift in the ski areas. Get your classic ticket through the app (available for Apple and Android smartphones), while an SMS or push notification will let you know when it's your turn. Qoda will also be used to manage access to restaurants and self-service facilities in many mountain lodges.

Skirama: a consortium that cares about safety

The measures in place in every area

Campiglio Dolomiti di Brenta Ski Area

You can buy any ticket online with a discount of between 2 and 10% on the price list and then load it onto your Keycard (a personal card featuring a microchip). Alternatively, you can purchase tickets from the automatic registers at every facility in the area, or buy your skipass in the hotel with a discount code and Keycard, using the Hotel+Skipass packet if you wish. In any case, the Central Ticket Office (5 Lakes) will be open, and the sledge hire service will be available at the Spinale ticket office.
Cable cars will be sanitised every evening, and the windows will be left open at all times to ensure constant ventilation. Tickets to use the skibuses can be purchased online through the Open Move app.

Folgarida-Marilleva, Pontedilegno-Tonale, and Pejo3000 Ski Areas

The 3 ski areas in the Val di Sole have already been preparing themselves for some time to guarantee the safety of tourists, even during the Covid era. Tickets for all the ski areas can be purchased online. For the Folgarida-Marilleva ski area, buy tickets on the website or at the 7 new automatic registered scattered throughout Folgarida and Marilleva. Users in possession of a Keycard can load the ticket onto it at home. Skipasses purchased online can be picked up by scanning the QR code or at the ticket office. The seasonal skipass can be picked up at the ticket office.

For the Pontedilegno-Tonale ski area, online purchases can be made at the website For those who already have a Keycard, the ticket is loaded onto it at the facility itself; otherwise, the skipass can be picked up at the automatic register or at the dedicated counters. Skipasses can also be purchased online for the Pejo 3000 ski area. Once the ticket has been purchased, it can be picked up at the ticket office or from the new automatic register in Pejo.

Paganella Ski Area

You can buy your skipass online directly from the website. The skipass can be collected from the pick-up boxes in place at the ski lift departure points by scanning the voucher received via email or directly from your smartphone. The skipass can be purchased at over 30 accommodation facilities in the area.

Alpe Cimbra Ski Area

The Alpe Cimbra Ski Area provides a online shop where skiers can buy all types of skipasses on the website.
The skipass can be loaded onto your Keycard, picked up from the registers in the ski area using the voucher sent via email or, alternatively, picked up from your hotel upon arrival.

Malè - Val di Sole - Folgarida, Marilleva - Skiing in the Italian Alps

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Published on 17/02/2021