Holidaying safely in Trentino: Mountain huts

In Trentino, protection and safety are guaranteed at every altitude, even in our huts! These high-altitude cabins have been reorganised to continue offering their refreshment and accommodation services also during autumn and winter, for all the skiers, snowshoes excurionists and snow lovers. Below, you can find a detailed guide which applies whether you simply wish to eat in a mountain hut, or to spend a magical night there. Check the opening on our website or call one of the tourist offices.



  • In order to make sure you can avail of the service, phone the mountain hut where you wish to stay or stop for refreshments. Mountain hut managers may also provide you with useful information on the trails and slopes or lift you can take to get there, as well as the specific organisational measures put in place at their sites.
  • For your safety, maintain at least 1 metre between you and others who are not part of your household, even while on trails or slopes.
  • Precautionary and social distancing measures continue to apply, naturally, even at high altitude, as does the prohibition on forming gatherings. For this reason, mountain huts may provide their services to reduced numbers of people.
  • If you have a fever, do not go out and remember that the manager can ask to take your temperature (safety limit 37.5°C).
  • Masks are required to enter all the common areas and in areas where it is not possible to maintain a safe distance.
  • Use the sanitising gel available inside the facilities.

What we’re doing to take care of you

Eating in a Mountain Hut:

  • To allow managers to properly sanitise tables and surfaces, wait your turn when you arrive at the mountain hut and allow the staff to show you to your table.
  • Follow the instructions given to you by staff or which are displayed in the establishment to follow any safe routes which may have been laid out to manage the flow of people and reduce gatherings.
  • At the table, mountain huts must also guarantee a minimum distance of 1 metre between diners from different groups. To guarantee this minimum distancing, the use of outdoor areas is encouraged whenever possible, while the distances are guaranteed indoors, where communal tables may be in use, by spacing out seats or placing physical barriers between tables.
  • If you find open windows, do not close them without checking with the manager: ventilating shared areas prevents risks and guarantees cleaner air for everybody.
  • To guarantee the cleanliness of bathroom facilities, they may be locked with a key provided upon request. Chemical toilets may also be made available outdoors to ensure greater availability. You can ask the manager for information on using toilet facilities.

Sleeping in a Mountain Hut:

  • Unlike other accommodation facilities, and given the limited size typical of cabins high in the mountains, our huts often offer accommodation in dormitories.
  • Groups from the same household can share rooms and tables without issue, provided that they wear masks when around other people and in shared areas (such as the toilets).
  • For people from different households, on the other hand, overnight accommodation in the rooms is provided with the following capacity limits:  
    • In 6-bed rooms, overnight accommodation can be provided to 2 people who do not know each other.
    • In rooms with more than 6 beds, overnight accommodation can be provided to people who do not know each other in the ratio of 2 people per 3 beds, maintaining a minimum distance of 2 metres.
  • If you share a room with people you do not know, you will have to leave your telephone number with the managers.
  • Bathroom and shower facilities in mountain huts are often shared. To guarantee their cleanliness, a key may be needed to use them. Chemical toilets may also be made available outdoors to ensure greater availability. You can ask the manager for information on using these facilities. To further ensure safety, the use of shared shower facilities is prohibited if there are no windows in the room.
  • Certain services typically offered in mountain huts, such as the slippers provided to hikers for use in the rooms and to provide respite from hiking boots, may no longer be available. Therefore, it is important to bring your own slippers and a towel with you.
  • Similarly, remember that it is mandatory to use a sleeping bag. The mountain hut may provide disposable pillow cases and sleeping bags for purchase.

In case of emergency

Mountain huts are mountain shelters which must, by law, provide refuge to all hikers and excursionists in difficulty. These situations may occur, for example, under adverse weather conditions, during the hours of evening or night, or in the event of difficulty, danger, or the need to rest. So, if you find yourself in difficulty, you can always ask a mountain hut for aid and refuge! If situations of this type lead to “overcrowding”, where the capacity permitted for the site is exceeded, the mountain hut manager will ask that surgical masks be worn and must allow for greater ventilation by opening doors or windows (where possible). In such cases, no food service will be provided.


  • 1500 National COVID EMERGENCY Number
  • 112 number for all other kind of emergency
Published on 05/11/2020