Holidaying safely in Trentino: with children

Trentino has always been an open-air playground: there’s certainly no shortage of space, nature is a perfect playmate, and every day brings the chance for new experiences: from exploring the woods to visiting teaching farms, from easy ski slopes, from snowparks playground to themed walking routes, and from fascinating museums to mysterious castles. Not to mention the welcome, which is always attentive to the needs of younger guests and families. Now more than ever. Here’s a short guide we’ve prepared for you so that we can share a few extra tips for enjoying a calm, rewarding holiday while safeguarding everybody’s health and safety


  • Wearing a mask is obligatory in all public spaces and whenever it is not possible to maintain minimum safe distances. This is not the case for children under 6 years of age, with special exceptions, and for people with certified disabilities that prevent them from wearing a mask.
  • Children between 3 and 6 years of age must wear face masks throughout their journeys on all forms of public transport
  • Minimum safe distancing of 1 metre must always be observed. This is doubled when participating in sports (2 metres).
  • Entrances to pools, rental shops, gyms or indoorplaygroung may be limited and regulated. 
  • As it is difficult for children to accurately assess distances and risks, particularly when they are playing, we recommend that you supervise them carefully and help them to observe distancing and all hygiene and behavioural rules, in a manner suitable for their level of independence and their age.
  • It is also important to correctly dispose of masks and tissues in bins for non-recyclable general rubbish. Everybody has a responsibility to do so, and this is also an excellent opportunity to teach sustainable practices to your little ones.

Snow sports

You can count on a wide range of activities, services and facilities suitable for your children to discover the white snowy universe of winter in Trentino. Well-trained and friendly ski instructors, perfect ski school areas, toboggan runs and snow playgrounds: this winter will offer unforgettable experiences without sacrificing safety, which will be respected in every area through precise protocols. For more information, call the facility or school you are interested in or contact your nearest tourist promotion office.

Mini club

In the facilities that provide mini club services. Access can only be allowed to guests who stay at least 2 nights, with shifts of maximum 2 hours:

  • Permanent groups will be formed to carry out the different activities.
  • Outdoor activities will be prioritised, with distancing guaranteed and making sure not to form gatherings.
  • For this reason, particular attention will be paid to the presence of operators, whose number will depend on the age range of the younger guests and, specifically:
  • 1 operator for every 4 children from 3 months to 3 years
  • 1 operator for every 6 children from 3 to 6 years
  • 1 operator for every 7 children from 6 to 11 years
  • 1 operator for every 10 children from 11 to 17 years

Consult the facility ahead of time!

Teaching farms

Teaching farms have also been able to resume operating, with a special emphasis on workshops that can be conducted outdoors. All provisions intended to reduce the possibility of contagion apply in this situation too, i.e. minimum distancing of 1 metre and the use of a mask where this distance cannot be guaranteed. Workshops must be carried out in small groups, and children must be accompanied by an adult unless otherwise specified. In situations involving physical exercise, with or without animals, minimum safe distancing increases to 2 metres. Remember to contact the establishment in advance and check with the manager regarding how to access the farm and the conditions for taking part in workshops.


  • 1500 National COVID EMERGENCY Number
  • 112 number for all other kind of emergency
Published on 05/11/2020