The scent of a chalet break

Far away from the heat of the city, breathe in the clean air of the mountains

SUMMER 2020 - Attention to detail, a cosy atmosphere and furnishings that exude the scent of wood. These are the defining features of Trentino’s mountain chalets. In these little wooden structures you can find yourself slowly reinvigorated, far away from the heat of the city.

Yoghurt, jams, home-made cakes and the aroma of coffee reaching all the way to your bedroom. What could be sweeter than waking up in a chalet? Throw the window open and admire the peaks of the Dolomites as you breathe in the crisp mountain air. You’ll be inspired to pull on your hiking boots and set out for a wonderful walk through the woods, knowing that the warmth of the chalet awaits you on your return. Then, enjoy a delicious dinner as the sky outside the windows fills up with stars.


Chalet Giasenei

Have you ever taken a swim in a biolake? This is a completely natural swimming pool, purified thanks to plant activity. You can try it at Chalet Giasenei, which is nestled in greenery with a spectacular view of the Pale di San Martino. A true immersion in nature and well-being, thanks also to the private spa offering hay baths, saunas, and hydro massages.


B&B Fior

Armando is an architect and Erika a conservator: together, they are the owners of B&B Fior, where they will welcome you into their home in one of the most beautiful mountain settings of Val di Fassa. A modern B&B set elegantly in its surroundings, using such sophisticated materials as steel, stone, glass and fragrant pine wood.


Prà della Casa

Prà della Casa is a delightful throwback to times gone by, a true “little house on the prairie”. The building is owned by the Comunità delle Regole Spinale e Manez, an ancient institution established to manage the land belonging to the families of a little village in the Valli Giudicarie. A wood-and-stone construction, it is surrounded by meadows and woods. This return to nature is reflected in the cuisine too, which is based on seasonal local produce.


Ledro Mountain Chalet

Inside, the chalets smell of wood, while outside you can smell the grass and the forest. The houses of the Ledro Mountain Chalet are inspired by mountain cabins, with warm furnishings and fabrics and natural materials like wood and stone. This little resort is located in a sheltered valley not far from the Lake Ledro, the ideal place for a holiday with total freedom, relaxing with your family and enjoying the stunning outdoor swimming pool.


Baita Bertolini

Why not allow yourself the luxury of arriving on foot? You can park the car 10 minutes from the cabin, in a tranquil oasis of the Val di Sole, with a view over a sparsely inhabited valley of lush green. Here, holidays have an authentic and rustic flavour, allowing mind and body to be restored thanks to the beneficial effects of the pine wood panelling the bedrooms, as well as luxurious soaks in the outdoor bathtubs — try it at night, beneath a star-studded sky.


Chalet Tovel

With its crystal-clear waters and the surrounding mountains, Lake Tovel is one of the most breath-taking locations in the Adamello Brenta Nature Park. It is here that you can find the chalet: a house in the woods, just a few steps from the lake. A welcoming place to return to after an action-packed day in the surrounding area, where you can relax and enjoy traditional dishes skilfully reinterpreted by the chef.

Published on 01/06/2020