A gin with mountain flavours

From the forest herbs of Trentino, the pure waters of the Dolomites and the ancient art of distillation

Not just juniper: elderberry, blackthorn drupes, conifer resins and much more. These are some of the key ingredients carefully gathered by our master distillers during long, attentive walks through the forest undergrowth, and all are essential for giving the characteristic complexity to Trentino gin.

A secret cocktail of balsamic herbs that, together with the crystal waters that surge from the porphyry rocks - perfect for distillation and final dilution - produce this unique “Mountain Gin”. All these natural ingredients, gathered personally from the surrounding territory, give life to this precious liquor but, of course, not before a long and patient wait.

Served with tonic water, maybe some ice and topped off with a rind of lime: the perfect way to release the unique aroma of juniper and a series of other fantastic olfactory sensations, where lemon and orange are easily distinguished along with the other herbs that offer complex fragrances and a harmonious taste, dry and persistent.