Here’s a toast to the perfect evening

Heading to Trento or Rovereto? Don’t forget to join the passeggiata, and sample one of their buzzing bars

Perhaps you’ve just been soaking up the modern art at MART in Rovereto, or visiting our science museum, MuSe in Trento. Whatever: it’s time to stretch the day, and mix with the locals.

Craft beers, local wines, cocktails and sparking Trentodoc spumante are all on the menu in our bars - and during the evening passeggiata the atmosphere has plenty of fizz.

Trento, Scrigno del Duomo

Now, you really are in Italy. Scrigno del Duomo scatters tables and chairs across the Piazza del Duomo, and offers front-row views of the cathedral, the Nettuno fountain and the Palazzo Pretorio. What do you drink? Trentodoc spumante, obviously…


Young, buzzy and heaven for snackers, Plan serves up a plate of food with every round of drinks you order – slices of pizza, olives, ravioli, prosciutto and much more. Get a table outside, order wine, a craft beer or some cocktails, and get stuck in. Largo Giosuè Carducci 38, Trento, Tel. +39 0461 174 0400.


Fancy a beer? Then this old pub on Garzetti Square is your goal. Transformed by a group of artisan beer enthusiasts, it’s become Craft Beer Central, and offers three draught beers on tap, as well as a huge range of bottled brews from Trentino and beyond. Piazza Garzetti 5, Trento, Tel. +39 0461 231801.

Trento, Il Posto di Ste

Opened just a year ago, this gourmet panineria has already become one of Gambero Rosso’s 22 Italian street food champions. It brings the same high standards to its wine list, so order a glass of Nosiola and ask to see the sandwich menu.

Trento, Palazzo Roccabruna

The magnificent Palazzo Roccabruna, a 16th century mansion near the Piazza Duomo, is home to Trentino’s Wine Promotion Board. Thursday and Saturday evenings are the time to visit – for a tasting of some of our best wines, paired with traditional foods.

Rovereto, Al Silenzio

Yes, they serve great drinks here. But the real reason to visit is to try the TrentinSushi, made with local produce such as smoked char, marinated trout, and organic vegetables from the Valle di Gresta. Traditional specialities are served as tapas, too.

Rovereto, Stappomatto

So you’ve just been to look at the modern art at MART: where do you go for a drink? Stappomatto, of course. It’s one of Rovereto’s social hubs and serves a wide range of Trentino wines and beers. On Friday nights they host local bands and DJs.  

Rovereto, Binario 12

This is a newly renovated place, whose young and whimsical style reflects the enthusiasm and good manners of its owners. Innovative cooking mixes with craft beers, a big choice of wine by the glass, and some very tempting cocktails.
Published on 18/10/2021