An Italian classic, served with a Trentino twist

Local ingredients, inventive flavours, and an attention to detail make our pizzerias unmissable

If you think you know pizza, think again. Here in Trentino, we’re pushing the boundaries of what this classic Italian meal can offer, with bases made from spelt and kamut, as well as ordinary flour, and toppings which bring together some of our best local produce. Look out for Trentingrana cheese, olive oil from Lake Garda and even venison prosciutto.

Here are ten pizzerias to target:

Pizzeria Uva e Menta | © Pizzeria Uva e Menta

Uva e Menta
Via Dietro le mura A, n. 35 – Trento - Tel. +39 0461 1903162

Uva e Menta likes to get playful with its pizzas, and offers both cocci (a cross between a pizza and a pie) and calzopizza (half-calzone, half-pizza). Craft beers, Trentino wines and local specialities such as carne salada trentina are also on the menu.


Pizzeria da Albert
Via Verdi,15 – Trento - Tel. +39 0461 231712

The best pizzeria in town,  Albert offers only high quality ingredients, for a true gourmet experience. Albert in fact is known as the best young "pizzaiolo" in Italy, according to the Gambero Rosso 2017 guide to pizzas. Don't miss the varied and exquisite selection of desserts.

Hotel Rovereto - Ristorante Pizzeria Novecento | © Hotel Rovereto - Ristorante Pizzeria Novecento

Ristorante Pizzeria Novecento Rosmini, 82/D – Rovereto - Tel: +39 0464 435222

Provenance, quality, taste:  those are the watchwords at the Hotel Rovereto’s restaurant, which serves gourmet pizzas made with the best ingredients, from organic flour, to culatello ham and local Trentingrana cheese.


Pizzeria Centrale
Via Nazionale, 37 – Flavon, Val di Non - Tel. +39 0461 652178

Here, pizza and traditional Trentino flavours combine. How about pizza with mortandela from the Val di Non, Casolèt cheese and artichoke? Other delicious local dishes include potato cakes, and roe deer venison with speck dumplings.

Ristorante Pizzeria Sass Maor | © Ristorante Pizzeria Sass Maor

Ristorante Pizzeria Sass Maor
Via Passo Rolle, 30 - San Martino di Castrozza - Tel. +39 0439 68340

Beneath the soaring crags of the Pale di San Martino, Sass Maor gets rave reviews for its pizzas, which mix local ingredients with a range of doughs (including one with polenta, and another which is gluten free).


Ristorante Pizzeria El Pael
Via Roma, 58 – Canazei, Val di Fassa - Tel. +39 0462 601433

A popular family-run restaurant in Canazei, El Pael is a friendly gastronomic restaurant which is strong on local flavours and makes its pizzas with the same regard for freshness and flavour as the rest of its menu.

La Cantinetta Osteria con Pizza – Varena | © La Cantinetta Osteria con Pizza – Varena

La Cantinetta Osteria con pizza
Via Val del Rù 11 – Varena, Val di Fiemme - Tel. +39 0462 342695

At La Cantinetta, pizza bases are made with stone-ground flour and leavened for 24 hours – then combined with delicious local flavours such as Formae cheese. Order a beer brewed nearby in the village of Daiano, and your taste of the Val di Fiemme is complete.


Ristorante Pizzeria le Giare
Piazza del Malghèr, 20 - Pozza di Fassa - Tel. +39 0462 764696

Olive oil from Lake Garda, Trentingrana cheese and lucanica sausage are among the many local flavours to be found in Le Giare’s pizzas. Delicious local specialities (tingola lamb, trout, strangolapreti) also feature on the menu.

Pizzeria Fior di Melo | © Pizzeria Fior di Melo

Pizzeria Fior di Melo
Via Roma, 48 - Casez di Sanzeno, Val di Non - Tel. +39 0463 434130

At the Pizzeria Fior di Melo, they’re adding local flavours too - such as apples from the Val di Non, and vegetables from their own garden.


Pizzeria Civetta
Via Giardini - Massimeno - Tel. + 39 0465 502699

Here, they make their bases from several different kinds of dough, including gluten-free, kamut and spelt. Add in a huge range of locally-sourced toppings – fontina cheese, chanterelle mushrooms, venison prosciutto – and the menu runs to more than 80 pizzas.