Breakfast in Trentino

Fill up on delights and territory

Wood-fired jam tarts, leavened cinnamon apple pies, elderberry syrup, honey from bees at high altitudes, farmstead butter and cheeses, cream-tasting milk, sourdough bread with wholemeal ancient-grain flours, perhaps ground on site, berries, DPO apple juice, cornmeal biscuits, freshly made yogurt, dried fruit, eggs from hens reared in the courtyard...

 And you? What will you find on the table for breakfast tomorrow?

Composta di frutta


Speaking of taste, few things like breakfast can finally make you feel like you’re on vacation, when you can dedicate it the time it deserves, to share with those you love, to enjoy food and company, without haste. 

And it is indeed such an important meal. It is the one that calls for choosing what you like because all flavours are fair game, as long as the quality that satisfies sight, smell and taste knows how to replace quantity, which not always means happiness.

Breakfast really sets a place apart, being its identity symbol. There are some who like it sweet, while others prefer it savoury, according to taste, habits and latitudes. Or, depending on the ingredients available. 



In Trentino, there are places where every morning you can live an experience with a different flavour, taking advantage of what is fresh in the pantry and enjoying the best tradition of each territory.

We call it 5-star breakfast because it is the best we have to offer in places that have made hospitality with breakfast their welcome ideal.

In Trentino B&Bs, breakfast is 5-star


We feed on symbols, and food is one of the most powerful ones. Symbols to think, to look at and, finally, to taste. In Trentino, each valley has its own symbols that come from far away.

This is the case, for example, of Botìro del Primiero, a farmstead deep-yellow butter from the Slow Food presidium, produced only in summer and in limited amount by the Caseificio Sociale; you can taste it in the Primiero valley only, exclusively at the home of the Caseificio Sociale members.

Then there is the case of the spontaneous herbs of the Rendena valley, which were once used as subsistence and today are rarities available only to those who have learned, generation after generation, to collect them and bring them to the table.

Or, all baking essentials of Giudicarie for leavened rye, potato, corn, walnut products. Or the small fruits of Valsugana, Val di Non apples, Val di Sole raw milk cheeses, or Val di Fassa sweet fortaes (sweet pancakes).

Raw ingredients and recipes jealously preserved from valley to valley, from farmstead to farmstead, and from family to family. You can enjoy them every morning in our B&Bs that display the quality label.

So, what will your awakening in the morning be like? Choose a place and let yourself be delighted.

Make your selection.

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Published on 10/02/2022