A holiday by the lakes of Trentino? 

Here are the best places for an aperitif

On holiday, rhythms slow down and we can finally allow ourselves those luxuries that our frenetic everyday lives simply don’t give us time for.
One of these is the ritual of the aperitif, a small pleasure typical of the Italian lifestyle and that can also be experienced on holiday on the lakes of Trentino. As the water of the lake reflects the colours of the sunset, you can sit back and relax in good company while enjoying some of the many typical wines and gastronomical products of Trentino. The sparkling wines produced by Trentodoc for example, are perfect for an aperitif by the lake and go hand in hand with typical local cheeses and cured meats. If you prefer beer, take advantage of your stay to try out the many local craft beers available.

The choice is yours.

Garda Lake Trentino

The Trentino shoreline of Lake Garda is the perfect spot for your aperitif, but more generally for your holiday. With a glass of Trentodoc you can start your evening with a stroll through the enchanting old town centre of Riva del Garda, where you can also visit the Rocca or stronghold. Alternatively you can take a break with a cocktail in Torbole after having spent the day windsurfing or doing any of the other water sports available or maybe you just need some refreshment after an afternoon soaking up the sun on one of the many beaches along the lakefront.

Lake Ledro

It’s not just about relaxation and nature. If you happen to be spending your holiday on Lake Ledro don’t miss the chance to take a step back in time and visit the local Pile-Dwelling Museum (Museo delle Palafitte). In the town of Molina di Ledro an entire Bronze Age pile-dwelling village has been painstakingly reconstructed. Inside the huts themselves, handicrafts and other articles dating back to over 4,000 years ago are on show and re-enactments of life in prehistoric times are organised. And after a dip into the remote past what could be better way of getting back to the present than an aperitif by the lake? These are our proposals.


The Valsugana valley is home to two of the warmest lakes in southern Europe: the lakes of Levico and Caldonazzo. You can take a swim as early as May and enjoy the water right up to the end of September. A true paradise for fans of water sports, Lake Caldonazzo is also the only lake in the area where water skiing is permitted. And at the end of an exciting day? You can enjoy an aperitif in the centre of Levico Terme, immersed in the allure of the Belle Epoque, which this town has preserved through the years.

Lake Tovel

Found right at the heart of the Adamello-Brenta Natural Park, Lake Tovel offers unforgettable panoramas and a sense of complete immersion in nature. Here the visitor remains transfixed by the many shades of turquoise that the crystal clear waters assume and no doubt the legend of the “Red Lake” also plays an important role. Years ago, during the summer months and probably due to the presence of a certain species of alga, the lake would take on a deep red hue. Unfortunately, today this unique spectacle can no longer be observed and the only red that’s left is in a wine glass that can be enjoyed on the lakeshore while you listen to someone tell of the legend of Queen Tresenga.

Inverno-Val-di-Non-Lago-di-Tovel-ghiaccio-ph-Diego-Marini | © Inverno-Val-di-Non-Lago-di-Tovel-ghiaccio-ph-Diego-Marini

Lake Tovel - The legend of the red lake

The jewel of the Brenta Park

Casa del Parco - Lago rosso

Casa del Parco - Lago rosso

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