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Fishing in Trentino, a unique experience

With its huge variety of waters and landscapes, Trentino is the perfect place for fishers who want to experience new thrills.

You can choose among the countless Alpine Lakes in the Dolomites, the waters of streams and rivers, such as Noce, Avisio or Sarca that have their natural cycle from the end of winter to autumn, the quieter waters of rivers like Adige, or those of the Great Lakes, like Garda.

We have selected the best fishing spots in Trentino for you to discover unique places where to fish.
Discover Trentino and prepare to enjoy a unique experience: nature is waiting for you!

River Avisio, Segonzano

In this particular area, the river Avisio is surrounded by wild and uncontaminated nature. This area is the sight of abundant catch and is the realm of the marble trout! Val di Cembra, famous for its porphyry and terraces of vineyards that make it unique in Trentino, is the perfect setting. 

Mostizzolo Gorge, Val di Non

Located on the border with Val di Sole, where the impetuous river Noce channels into Lake Santa Giustina. Between two steep rock walls, where the waters of the river are a characteristic deep green, you will find a beautiful and wild scenery to fish marvellously coloured trout. Have fun!

Nk1 Torrente Rabbies

The nature reserve "Le Marinolde" is populated by wild and combative marble trout and rainbow trout. In the waters of Val di Sole there are two other no-kill reserves on the stream Meledrio and on the river Vemigliana, and another two "trophy" zones on the river Noce, in Cavizzana and Pellizzano.

Regorie Reserve (R1), Alto Sarca

If you are real NO KILL fishers, you cannot miss the Regorie Reserve (R1) of River Sarca, nearby the Adamello Brenta Natural Park. 1.5 km of river in which to practice fly fishing and spinning, nestled in the uncontaminated and wild nature and where the catch is "super-size".

River Sarca

In the exceptional setting of the Trentino part of Lake Garda, down the river Sarca, enriched by a beautiful Mediterranean landscape of olive groves, small beaches and natural bays, where the sparkling and icy waters of the Sarca meet the torquoise of Lake Garda, spinning fans are in for an exhilarating experience, capturing the largest lake trout in the area.

Travignolo Gorge

In the Paneveggio Natural Park, an enchanting place where crystal clear water flows over a bed of porphyry and draws small waterfalls and emerald coloured pools. The area is ideal for fishing for native brown trout.

Trentino Fishing Lodge

The Trentino Fishing Lodges are ready to welcome you with special services dedicated especially to you fishers! The Trentino Fishing Lodges are at your service to provide all the information on the local fishing areas, maps and purchase fishing permits. Don’t hesitate to book your fishing vacation and enjoy carefree fun!

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Published on 18.03.2019