Christmas in Vallagarina

Christmas markets, nativity scenes, local produce and traditional recipes

Mediaeval castles, baroque palaces, historic villages and charming towns. At Christmas, Vallagarina - in the southern part of Trentino - reveals its most authentic traditions. We have put together a special itinerary through the local Christmas markets and nativity scenes: this is a land brimming with flavours to appreciate also in winter, through magical atmospheres and unexpected surprises. From 24th November to 6th January 2019, Vallagarina and its Christmas will be waiting for you.

Christmas Markets

The Christmas markets in Rovereto, Ala and Avio, offer the perfect opportunity to discover the marvels of the city and the surrounding towns. The wooden chalets lining the streets of Rovereto host the best of traditional cuisine and local craft. In Ala, artisans and artists adorn the baroque palaces with their original art works. In Avio, the local produce takes centre stage around the castle courtyards.

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Natale ad Avio - photo Stefania Ciurletti | © Natale ad Avio - photo Stefania Ciurletti

I presepi: nativity scenes

The nativity scene brings Christmas traditions to life. Nomi, Pomarolo, Nogaredo  and Villa Lagarina are home to many presepi. Nativity scenes are erected in every nook and cranny: in the courtyards, along the cobbled lanes and also in fountains. In Ala, City of Velvet, palaces and streets turn into art galleries to celebrate the art of presepi in the baroque tradition. In Terragnolo a nice walk through the cribs, a magical journey to discover the hamlets of the valley.

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Traditional Taste

The beauty of the land is also told through good food and traditional dishes. In Isera and Nogaredo, restaurants and wineries will accompany you through a fascinating tour of the local flavours. The journey continues to Brentonico with market stalls celebrating the home-grown produce and the traditional cuisine.

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Natale ad Ala - photo Stefania Ciurletti | © Natale ad Ala - photo Stefania Ciurletti

Christmas tales

Christmas carols, music, theatre & dance performances, workshops & talks bring life to the whole Vallagarina. In Brentonico, there will be many Christmas events and a sculpture symposium. In Rovereto, the FestivalNatale brings a lot of music to the streets. The baroque palaces in Ala open their doors to music and traditional costumes parades, while in Castellano traditional carols will echo through the houses of this small quaint village of only 700 habitants.

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