Dad, before zipping up the tent, will you tell me about the stars?

Here are 5 family-friendly campsites where you can fall asleep under a blanket of stars

Mum and dad have set up the tent and the younger ones are now busy blowing up the air mattresses which will soon be magically transformed into beds fit for kings. “Mum, can we stay up tonight to look at the stars?”, “Dad, will you tell me the story about that great big star that sailors always keep an eye on?”.
Indeed, it’s while camping that children can get closer to nature, discover new things and sleep under the stars.

Here in Trentino, nestled between the Italian Alps and Lake Garda, there are numerous family-oriented campsites. Some have play areas, others entertainment or special courses for young ones, but all are set in unique natural surroundings, be it by a lake or in the mountains. Here’s a selection of the most family-friendly campsites for you this summer.


Soaking up the mountains

There’s a campsite in the Val di Fassa where grown-ups can take time off and relax in a wellness centre while the children launch themselves down great spiralling water slides to a coloured pool below. This is Camping Vidor, a campsite that combines the simple pleasure of sleeping under the stars with a children’s water park.


Magnificent Dolomites!

Here you’ll find yourself between the blue waters of the most beautiful lake in Italy and the spectacular Brenta Dolomites. You look around and ask “Mum, what are those mountains?”. For children, a holiday at the Spiaggia Lago di Molveno campsite means fun and adventure by the lake or in the mountains, in the company of excellent and well-prepared staff.


So much to do

You’ve just finished setting up the tent with mum and dad and you’re already off exploring: games, tournaments and of course fun and sports in the pool and on the lake. At Camping Al Sole, on the shores of Ledro lake, the entertainment staff has numerous fun things in store for you this summer.


For young sports enthusiasts

A play park where you can climb, swim, play and take part in a number of courses for young sports enthusiasts such as climbing, in the company of qualified instructors from the Arco School. This is Camping Zoo, a campsite located just 5 kilometres from Lake Garda: the perfect destination for families and climbers of all ages.


A lagoon on the lake

A lake with a lagoon? No problem, just stay at the Lago di Levico campsite, a half-hour drive from Trento, and its Laguna Beach, launched in 2018. Artificial palm trees, a large child-friendly swimming pool and of course hours of fun in the water: this way, adults can soak in the sun while the children have a great time in complete safety.

Published on 16/10/2019