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“Heaven on Earth?” It’s here in Trentino

...words of Bode Miller. Find out his top experiences on the snow

"This is probably the most beautiful view I've ever seen" says Bode to his wife Morgan who’s holding little Emmy in her arms. The family came to spend a few days in Trentino. For him it’s kind of a homecoming as he’s trained on these pistes for several years. After a nice meal with friends, it's time to get back on the snow and descend the “Olimpionica” black slope, with numerous skiers ready to pit themselves against him. Between an interview and a selfie request, he finally gets the chance to take a break and spend some quality time with his family in the snow park… with one of the three children crying bitterly because his mother insists that he wear his jacket and cap. He’s a free spirit, just like Bode, who once again slips away down the slope. Follow up on Bode Miller!

Bode Miller in Trentino

High-altitude aperitifs

It's aperitif o'clock! Bode enjoys a glass at La Roda. Where will you be spending your evening?

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Bode Miller in Trentino | © Pierre Teyssot

Skiing with Bode

His favourite slope is the “Olimpionica” in Andalo, a black run to be done all in one go. Have you already sharpened your skis to try our tracks?

Get ready for your descent!
Bode Miller in Trentino

A full-time dad!

Little captain Nash Skan shouts “All aboard, ready to go!” and Bode doesn’t wait to be asked a second time. What about your crew?