IFSC Youth World Championships

1000 Sportler aus mehr als 50 Ländern kämpfen miteinander auf den Wänden des Climbing Stadium

A special Rock Master Festival will liven up the town of Arco from 22nd to 31st August. 
This year the main event will be the IFSC Climbing Youth World Championships.
After the exciting experience of 2015, the rising stars of world climbing will meet once again in Arco to compete for the world title in the three climbing disciplines: Lead, Speed and Boulder.
The town of Arco will be the “Home of Climbing” for ten days: a great opportunity to live thrilling days cheering the young champions, who compete on the walls of the Climbing Stadium, or sharing moments of relax and celebration in the streets and in the squares of the old town.
It will be one of the most attended events ever with over a thousand athletes from the five continents, including a large Italian team.
The legendary challenge among the world’s Top Climbers, which has been taking place for 33 years, will be held on August 31st with the Rock Master Duel.




SATURDAY 31ST AUGUST – from 8.30 p.m. – € 15,00
Tickets will be available exclusively at the Climbing Stadium’s ticket office. There won’t be any form of pre-sale.

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